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Original design visuals

Construction on this self build eco home is now progressing well. it has not been without its challenges but with a total commitment to building sustainibly it is a pleasure to watch the house evolve and it is clear that the end result will be worth the effort and the wait. 

The triple glazed timber framed structure has been insulated using wood fibre (recycled) insulation ensuring the building has a minimal environmental in both it's construction and on going energy requirements. This method of insulating also allows the fabric of the building to breathe in a way that alternative 'sealed' envelope solutions do not. This results in an internal living environment that is healthier as water vapour is naturally regulated and there is no need for the normal numerous additional layers to regulate the moisture content in the building. 

Anglers - self build sustainable home

Location: East Devon

Project type: Residential, New build

Status: Under Construction

​Team: Theo Green Designs Ltd (Architect) 


Latest construction photos

Previous construction photos